What’s on the Menu at the Southern Diner?

How do you eat at a Southern Diner the Mallorca Villas way?
During the August 26 grand open house, guests visited the three food corners. The first corner was the lunch Buffet Corner to load the plate with the main course. The second was the Beverage Corner for some drinks. And lastly, the Sweets Corner that was customized for the kids and adults taste buds.


1. Ratatouille but not the movie

You’ve heard it right- it’s the French stewed vegetable dish on the open house menu! Forget the Pixar movie– although both are connected to food.
With this delightful dish, guests were able to taste the goodness of freshly-harvested squash, eggplant, tomatoes and bell pepper mixed with tropical herbs like onions and garlic from nearby farmlands in Cavite and Batangas.

The French dish complemented the Spanish- Mediterranean looks of the community, painting a lasting European spirit among those who came to check out the property.

2. Creamy pork complimented with a delightful asparagus

A meal in a gathering or occasion would not be complete without a pork dish. But not all meals come with fresh asparagus from the countryside.

When you live in Mallorca Villas and you crave for a bundle of this delicious vegetable crop, you can drive to Mahogany or any other public markets within the vicinity.

Pork and other meat varieties can be bought at nearby grocery shops like The Marketplace by Rustans at the Westborough Town Center in South Forbes or at the Robinsons Dasmarinas or Premier- Silang branches.
At the open house, everyone was on cloud nine when they learned that part of the menu was creamy pork with asparagus. Obviously, everyone agreed pork adobo is too much of the ordinary and was getting boring.

3.Garlic Bread with Two-Option Spread

For non-rice eaters, there was a platter of garlic bread waiting near the sweets food corner. And it had two options for the spread.

Guests can either chose color green or red on top of their bread. That is either pesto or tomato to go with it. Since it was for an American dining experience, the tomato spread was sour – as seemed that it could be an “Italian” taste level of sourness- with some guests thinking the spread was made for spaghetti which was missing on the menu. Just kidding.

4.Coffee or Orange Juice?

When you are heading south, you cannot come home without satisfying your stomach with a cup of coffee. Café Voi in Tagaytay could be an alternative stopover if you cannot find Starbucks and Bag of Beans.

But for those who attended the open house at Mallorca Villas, they do not need another extra drive because brewed coffee was overflowing at the Beverage Corner.

Orange juice was also available for non-coffee drinkers. How about those not into coffee or juice? Well, they were served with lemon-infused water.

5.Puto Cake and Other Sweets

The best thing about the Sweets Corner is that the menu there was aware that guests may want a low-sugar diet. It offered steamed rice cake or puto cake, butter cookies, mochi, cupcakes, and marshmallows.

Guests enjoyed taking snacks from this corner, while being serenaded by the guest band – Acoustic Rhymes.

Guests who reserved a townhouse or single-detached unit that day were given a token- a vintage clock that has some classic alarm tune.

In the evening, red wine was served to seal the event. Some had their second cup of the beverage heavily associated with the European landscape; others went back to the three food corners with their third plate. That’s how you enjoy the Southern Diner the Mallorca Villas way!